Sandia Resercher Named One of "Top Ten"


Greg Nielson garnered one of Popular Science magazine's "Brilliant 10" awards for helping lead Sandia's effort to create solar cells the size of glitter.

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LLNL researchers win Presidential Early Career Awards


Two Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers received Presidential Early Career Awards. This is the highest honor bestowed by the US. government on outstanding scientists and engineers early in their research careers.

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1663 Highlights LDRD Work


The March 2013 issue of 1663 highlights cutting-edge work by LDRD researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.



Supporting Science in the 21st Century

The Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program is an essential component in the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) science and technology investment strategy to sustain world-class science and engineering within the national laboratories. By sustaining the scientific and technical vitality of the national laboratories, LDRD enhances their ability to address future U.S. Department of Energy and NNSA missions, both domestically and abroad. LDRD is a scientific success story, where projects garner national recognition for excellence though prestigious awards, publications, cited peer-reviewed journals, and patents granted. The LDRD program is also a powerful means to attract and retain top researchers from around the world, foster collaborations with other prominent scientific and technological institutions, and to leverage some of the world’s most technologically advanced assets.This enables the LDRD program to invest in high-risk and potentially high-payoff research that creates innovative technical solutions for some of our nation’s most difficult challenges.

LDRD at the NNSA Laboratories


Federal Context
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